Bear Mountain Lodge, Bethlehem NH
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Over 100 of these natural wonders are found throughout the White Mountains. In Spring they display nature's power as the snow runs off the mountains, they're a welcome retreat on hot summer days and are the perfect place to enjoy a picnic lunch. While many involve a hike to enjoy their splendor, several are located along major routes or just a short walk along groomed paths. Here are some of our favorites:
  • Arethusa Falls (Crawford Notch) - 200' high, 1.3 mile hike in of moderate difficulty
  • Bridal Veil Falls (Franconia) - 80' high, 2.5 mile hike in
  • Flume Gorge (Franconia Notch) - Admission Charged: Follow boardwalks over 800' through covered bridges, past waterfalls and beautiful views
  • The Basin & Cascades (Franconia Notch) - .1 and .2 miles from the Basin parking lot
  • Silver & Flume Cascades (Crawford Notch) - located right along Route 302
  • Ripley Falls (Crawford Notch) - 100' high, 1/2 mile hike in with swimming holes at top

  • To view a more complete listing of Waterfalls in the area, visit:

    Covered Bridges

    Over 25 of these "courting bridges" are located in The Whites. Many say they were originally designed because horses were more comfortable crossing an enclosed span, while others believe the roofs were put on to protect the timbers from the weather. Whatever view you take, you'll be taken back in time as you explore and cross these beautiful structures. To learn about the various bridges, visit: